Our menus are dependent on the season and our purveyors. We try to make an interpretation of our territory, using and exploiting local products and reducing wastes.

Tasting menus are the best way to discover our cuisine. We think they are mind and stomach experience. To express themselves they have to be chosen entirely and shared by all the table.

The Small Menù - 5 courses - 80 €

Our Menù - 6 courses - 90 €

Territory: Life in Motion - 10 courses (120 €)


Our goal is to guarantee that all guests enjoy their experience at L’Argine a Vencò.

For this reason you will also find a limited à la carte selection. We accommodate allergies and/or dietary restrictions with advance notice.

To accompany your tasting menu we suggest two different wine pairings. The first one consists of 6 wines from our territory: the area that from Trieste climbs up to the Carso, follows the Slovenian border and arrives to the Pre-Alpi mountains. The second one is a selection of 6 wines from abroad or from other Italian Regions.

Both wine pairings - 6 glasses - 50€ per person

  • L'argine a Vencò
  • L'argine a Vencò
  • L'argine a Vencò
  • L'argine a Vencò
  • L'argine a Vencò

[foto di Mattia Mionetto]

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